A First Engagement Session

First Blog on the New Site! Super excited about this one. I will try to be consistent with a post once a week but you guys know how that goes. My goal for this blog is to share ideas with some of you who are looking to get a boost for some creative inspiration through photography. And don't worry, most of my blogs will be short and sweet. 

I've been shooting consistently for about a year and half and this was actually my first engagement photo session. Hooray! I've done some other shoots prior to this one, but not specifically engagements. My niche has been more landscape, but I've been craving to find new ways to create with people in my work. The beautiful thing about this session was I knew Michael and Leah for many years, especially Micheal (Best friend since 9th grade). 10 years, thats a long time to know someone. That's why this one was really special to me. I knew I was going to have the freedom to create because they definitely entrusted me with the session. It's exciting when you allow the couple to create with you as well. They had some awesome ideas throughout the session and its fun to bounce back and forth from one another. That's probably not the case for every engagement session, but this one was relaxed and open which I tend to enjoy the most. 


Atlanta, GA

Folk Art --> N.Highland --> Freedom Park --> Druid Pl NE


Nikon D5200 - Sigma 35 mm f1.4 DG HSM



Time Duration:

2 Hours