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Why I Love What I Do

My name is Ryan James Christopher, Atlanta based Photographer, seeking to create stories that share love, peace, hope, and joy in this beautiful world full of beautiful humans. I have a passion for creating significance and meaningfulness in my images. A visual image can speak more to the soul of a human being when phrases and words can’t. I hope my work encourages others to feel a sense a freedom to pursue life with a sensitivity to listen and notice the beauty that surrounds them every day. I'm constantly in awe of how I've been profoundly impacted by photography and it's shaped a part of who I am today. I started with travel photography and still do it today, but I have a huge passion for Weddings, Engagements, and Elopements. 

My Interview with @Rucksackmagazine on Landscape Photography



Do you travel for Weddings?

YES. If you're anywhere outside the Peach State (AKA: Georgia) you can book me at a discounted rate! Connect 

Have you shot weddings by yourself?

I sure have. Although, all my packages include a second shooter. We're always prepared and ready to give you the best experience for your wedding day

What type of Cameras do you use?

Currently I shoot with a Nikon D750. I rave about this camera all day and its known for being one of the best wedding photography cameras - take a look here Camera Gear

How many lenses do you bring with you and what are some of your favorites?

3. I typically use my prime lenses. 35mm, 50mm, and 135mm. 

How long does it take you to send the photos?

Usually takes 4-6 weeks 

How many photos do you typically send?

Anywhere between 500-700 photos

What types of Payment do you accept? 

Cash, Check, and Venmo

What is required to officially book you?

A signed contract and a deposit of $300

What's your pricing and how do we get started? 

Best way is to fill out a connect form - here. Lowest package starts at 1950 (does not include travel expenses) 

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My gorgeous wife and I love exploring and traveling to new places. We call Atlanta Home, but always looking for a new place to visit. 

January 2018 | Smoky Mountains

February 2018 | Chicago

February 2018 | New York

April 2018 | California

May 2018 | South Carolina

June and July 2018 | Kosovo and Greece

September 2018 | Rosemary Beach

October 2018 | Washington