Max Patch and Carvers Gap

Hey guys! Below are some pictures to give you an idea on what to expect on a weekend trip up to Pisgah National Forest to see and camp at Max Patch and Carvers Gap. This would definitely be a great time to go! Enjoy! 

Max Patch:

About a 4 hour drive from Atlanta to Max Patch.

Parking at the bottom of the mountain

.4 mile hike to the top. Pretty steep but very short hike. 

Watch Sunset and CAMP 

Early sunrise and Brew the Coffee..

Carvers Gap:

Parking available at the bottom of the mountain, easily accessible

Beautifully diverse hike up to the top

3/4 of a mile hike up to the top

360 Panorama views

Camping available. Limited spots to build a fire

Watch epic sunrise


North Carolina/Tennessee Border in Pisgah National Park

Max Patch and Carvers Gap


Nikon D750 - Sigma 35 mm f1.4G



Time Duration:

Weekend Camping Trip - Leave Friday and come back Sunday